When what you need is a basic and flexible security locking solution, Mul-T-Lock’s 7×7 standard security mechanical platform is an ideal fit.

With a pin tumbler mechanism, 7×7 is friendly and easy to use, giving you the level of protection you need at an affordable price. Mul-T-Lock’s operational excellence and advanced quality assurance provides you and your customers with peace of mind.

For mixed environments you have the ability to combine Integrator® patented platform with the 7X7 platform for dual level security. With dual level security, you’ll be able to use the Integrator key and cylinder as a first line of defense on the external perimeter of doors and the 7×7 cylinders, which can be opened by Integrator keys, can be installed in internal doors and padlocks.

When enhanced High Security is necessary throughout, with features such as patented key control, we recommend choosing the Interactive®+ or MT5®+ platforms for your security needs.

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