Services We Offer

  • Installation and Maintenance
  • Servicing Locks & Cylinders
  • Key Cutting
  • Combination Change


We provide a maintenance service with our full range of products, from padlocks & cylinders, electronic door solutions and all Mul-T-Lock machinery. We accommodate for both on-site maintenance and repairs and in-store maintenance, all depending on the type of product and service agreement. Some of the maintenance services we provide at Mul-T-Lock Tanzania include cutting of keys, servicing locks, cylinders and padlocks for better functionality depending on your usage; upgrading of padlocks from a lower series to a higher one, adding better security and functionality; and changing of combination on locks.

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Servicing Locks & Cylinders

Maintenance for all locks, padlocks and cylinders we provide at the Mul-T-Lock Authorized Service Center is essential as this increases the lifespan of the products and also making the products just like new. We provide state of the art maintenance, from cleaning to re-keying of locks. Kindly visit our shop for service.

Key Cutting

Here at Mul-T-Lock, we provide multiple types of key solutions, from fully mechanical to electromechanical to fully electronic solutions. Our key cutting solution caters for the full range of keys we provide. Whether you are looking to get extra keys for your current locks or keys to fit all your locks, even keys to control access to a building/home/office with different levels of access, we can do it for you.

Keyed different: Mul-T-Lock’s traditional High Security equips each cylinder with its own combination – to be opened by keys that were either supplied with it or duplicated under Mul-T-Lock’s strict key control system.

Keyed alike: for outstanding customer convenience, Mul-T-Lock has developed the One-Key-Fits-All option, enabling users to open many locks – for example: home, office, garage & file cabinet – with a single key.

Combination Change

At our Mul-T-Lock service center, we also provide combination a combination change service for padlocks and cylinders.

Master keying: large organizations enjoy Mul-T-Lock’s advanced and friendly master key systems, that are easy to manage even when the requirements are vast and complex.